11/07/2019 09:19:55

At the end of the year, the construction materials market is stable

(Construction) - According to Vietnam Steel Corporation, production output of construction steel in 11/2018 is estimated at 840 thousand tons, down about 2% compared to October 2018. Steel consumption volume in November 2018 is estimated at about 800 thousand tons, down about 3% compared to October 2018.

In the world market, the price of billet offering in August 2018 has tended to decrease by US $ 10-25 / ton, at present the price of billet is about US $ 510-520 / ton CFR East Asia.
In the domestic market from the end of October 2018 to November 30, 2018 due to the reduction of input prices, some factories have adjusted their prices down from VND 55-700 / kg depending on types and manufacturers. export. The selling price at steel mills in November 2018 ranges from 11,300 - 13,600 VND / kg. Popular retail construction steel prices in the market in November in the Northern and Central provinces ranged from 12,700 to 14,000 VND / kg, in the Southern region fluctuating at 12,900 - 14,200 VND / kg.

Cement materials in November were also evaluated relatively stable compared to October, estimated consumption reached 5.15 million tons. The average selling price of some popular types of cement in Vietnam cement companies on the whole market increased about VND 30,000 compared to the beginning of October, PCB30 cement price ranged from VND 1,030,000 - VND 1,510,000 / ton.

Although there was little fluctuation in October and November, but in general in the last days of the year, retail prices of cement and steel in the domestic market were basically stable.





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