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Slow disbursement of public investment is still a bottleneck

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that disbursement of public investment capital and slow ODA capital continued to be bottlenecks for socio-economic development in the first 6 months. So what is the cause of this situation and what is the solution for the next time?

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked to speed up disbursement of public investment and ODA.
According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in the first 6 months, disbursement of public investment capital was estimated at VND 119 trillion, equal to 32.41% of the capital plan assigned by the Prime Minister, lower than the same period (33 , 85%).

In which, there are 06 ministries, branches and 13 localities with disbursement of over 50%. However, besides, there are 35 ministries, sectors and 16 localities with disbursement rates below 30%; in which 15 ministries and branches have disbursement rate below 10%.
Following the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue at Notice No. 179 / TB-VPCP dated 8/5 on solutions to promote disbursement of public investment plan in 2019, Ministry of Planning and Investment established 03 working group with 12 provinces and cities.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment said that summarizing reports of ministries and sectors and the results of checking the actual situation in localities showed that the cause of disbursement in the first 6 months was slower than the same period because of the In the first month of the year, ministries, sectors and localities focused on disbursing capital for the 2018 plan to extend to 2019, including foreign capital; The characteristics of 2018 compared with the previous years are in accordance with the provisions of the Government's Decree No. 120/2018 / ND-CP, the foreign capital in 2018 has been received by the Government and extended to 2019.
The planned capital allocation in 2019 is still slow compared to previous years at both central and local levels. Particularly, the national target programs only allocate the total capital to subordinate units and the capital to implement the transition and completion projects, the localities have not yet assigned details of new construction projects to the development units. declaration.

Along with that, the work of site clearance is still facing many difficulties, limited contractor capacity, slow adjustment procedures and extension of foreign capital agreements.
Another reason is the difficulty in preparing investment procedures for projects using local budget balancing capital to be eligible for capital allocation in the 2019 plan due to the provisions of Decree No. 120/2018. / ND-CP dated September 13, 2018 must have a decision allowing investment preparation and investment preparation prepared by competent authorities before October 31 of the year preceding the plan year.
The current application of construction and consultancy contractors is too low, not suitable to the actual conditions in some localities.

Some ministries, branches and localities have not yet been proactive and decisive in directing investors to implement solutions to speed up disbursement of public investment capital, not being active in completing bidding procedures, selecting contractors, completing payment advance documents for projects according to regulations.

Subjective causes are mainly
Clarifying this content, speaking at the Government meeting with the localities that have just taken place, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said, through summarizing reports, the disbursement was slow due to the cause. objective and subjective causes, but the subjective cause is mainly.

“The reason is the same ground of law, there are still 06 ministries, branches and 13 localities that have disbursed more than 50%, while there are 35 ministries, 16 localities disbursing. less than 30%, ”the Minister stated.

Speaking at the conclusion of the Government meeting with localities on July 4, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized the point of "definitely not having any adjustment of any targets assigned".

Commenting on disbursement of public investment capital, slow ODA capital continued to be bottlenecks, the Prime Minister asked to accelerate disbursement of public investment and ODA. The ministries, branches and localities need to set up working groups to handle this, and it is necessary to slow down the transfer of capital by branches and localities to other branches and localities.

Some causes are summed up, according to the Minister, first of all the subjective psychology when the public investment capital plan is allowed to be implemented and disbursed for 2 years, leading to a drastic decision from the beginning of the year.
Many localities do not implement the decentralization of implementing the national target program in the commune level, significantly affecting the progress of the allocation and implementation of public investment capital plans at the grassroots level. projects under 02 National Programs;

Many projects invested in ODA capital plan 2019 have problems related to signing and extending agreements and agreements on re-borrowing ODA, import tax, spending control at the State Treasury, procedures for recording revenue - record expenditures with the Ministry of Finance, carry out a centralized procurement plan, delay in the preparation of bidding documents, bidding and site clearance compensation, and arrange counterpart funds for public performance. document preparation ...

Along with that, disbursement of Government Bonds is slow because some localities are focusing on disbursing the amount of capital allowed to extend procedures from 2018, in which, the new international airport project Long Thanh can only disburse 310 VND billion, equal to 4.4% of the assigned plan, the province is still embarrassed in implementation procedures and payment procedures for the project of vocational training, job creation and reorganization of people's lives under the project.


Many previous problems have not been thoroughly dealt with
Notably, according to Minister Nguyen Chi Dung, the reasons and previous problems have not been thoroughly dealt with such as: some investors' capacity is limited, not timely and fully grasped procedures. investment and construction; delay in the preparation of bidding and bidding documents; not yet closely, urging, inspecting and supervising consultants and contractors promptly; slowly implementing procedures and issues related to disbursement of projects; Compensation and site clearance, especially key projects, face difficulties and problems due to the lack of close coordination between investors, contractors and local authorities.

Along with that, the work of directing, administering, speeding up the completion of procedures, implementing construction, completing disbursement dossiers of all levels and sectors has not been fierce, appearing psychologically afraid to complete procedures, afraid to implement due to not grasping the legal regulations, fear of responsibility ... The task of planning delivery and adjustment of plans is slow due to reporting to competent authorities for decision, some projects have not ensured the initial procedures According to regulations, the detailed plans have not yet been delivered, the time for completing long procedures, especially ODA projects.

According to the Minister, disbursement of public investment capital has made positive changes but the progress is generally slow, especially foreign capital. In the last 6 months, ministries, branches and localities should drastically implement only some solutions.

First of all, it is necessary to strictly implement the Government's Resolution No. 70 / NQ-CP dated August 3, 2017 on the tasks and solutions to speed up the implementation and disbursement of public investment capital plans. In particular, special attention should be paid to the regulations that if projects are disbursed below 30%, they will not continue to allocate capital plans next year.
Strengthening the responsibility of the leader in urging and speeding up the construction progress, focusing on completing legal procedures, checking and accepting the volume, payment procedures and settlement ... not to be accrued at the end of the year, avoid push, extend time to avoid responsibility.

Dong Nai People's Committee coordinates with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Investment to guide the procedures for appraisal and approval of cost estimates and investment capital payment for "Land acquisition, compensation and support projects." resettlement of Long Thanh International Airport "; guide the formulation and appraisal of contractor selection plans and submit them to the Prime Minister for approval.

Urgently and drastically in completing the procedures for projects expected to deliver the 2019 plan in accordance with regulations, or having plans to adjust the plans in time, closely coordinate with the general agencies to deliver notes capital plan for 2019 in accordance with the law.






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